Debian 9 uses Kernel 4.9 that Supports PEBS Better

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Preface In the previous post I installed Debian 8 (jessie) into Thinkpad X260, but I actually changed my mind and re-installed Debian 9 (stretch), because it supports the wifi equipped in Thinkpad X260. A good thing is Debian 9 is already freezed so I can expect there’re only a few critical bugs remained (well there’re actually one to two hundreds of them as of today, but it’s relatively a small number given that it has over 40K packages). Read More...

Installing Debian GNU/Linux 8 (Jessie) into Thinkpad x260

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Installing Debian GNU/Linux 8 (Jessie) into Thinkpad x260 I got a thinkpad x260 and installed Debian GNU/Linux 8 (which I also use for my desktop and servers). Here are some tips for someone (or no one?) who wants to do the same. Debian 8 with MATE in Thinkpad X260 Base Installation I basically followed normal operations. The point is to shrink C: using Windows tools and never let the Debian installer modify existing partitions. Read More...