Citations per Article in ACM Digital Library

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The avarge citations per article in ACM digital library. Microsoft Research: 34.20 source Google: 27.13 source Argonne National Lab: 17.25 source Harvard: 17.07 source National University of Singapore: 11.00 source Tsinghua University: 7.63 source University of Tokyo: 7.32 source AIST: 4.75 source Note: the numbers may be biased due to the difference of main research area of each institution and many other factors, so comparing small differences like by several points can be irrelevant.

The number of European papers in SOSP and OSDI

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I attended The European Conference on Computer Systems (EuroSys), held at ICL in London. Presentations themselves were of course very interesting, but another thing I was interested in was the General Assembly to discuss how to improve the conference. Many points were discussed actively, but the most impressive one for me was like this (the quotes are not as-is, rather they are the output after filtered by my brain neural network): “The percentage of papers from european universites is decreasing in EuroSys. Read More...